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Learn to mix and blend your favourite tracks from the vastly experienced Pirate Studios tutors, on a course curriculum tailored around the AQA and OCR GCSE Music specifications.

An artform in its own right, as recognised by AQA and OCR

  • A thorough course curriculum built around AQA & OCR course sliecifications.
  • Ideal for beginners who have little to no experience in DJing.
  • First taster lesson free of charge.
  • Taught on industry standard DJ kit at Pirate Studios Birmingham.

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Meet the tutors


Neil’s 12 year DJ career has cemented his status as a staple of Birmingham’s underground music scene, as well as landing him various international bookings over the years. A true expert in his craft.


A bona fide crate-digger by nature, and one of the masterminds behind the wildly successful Seedy Sonics club nights, Liam’s multi-genre prowess allows him to cater for all styles of music.

The 6 week course structure

The course curriculum is fine-tuned to prepare students for AQA and OCR GCSE Music, as well as simply to learn the craft for enjoyment. Brief overviews of each lesson, lasting 2 hours each, are detailed below:

Week 1

The Basics

Get started with beat matching and phrasing - the two key initial elements to DJing.

Week 2


The most important tool to creating a fluent and well balanced mix.

Week 3

Dynamic FX

Add harmonics, rhythmic changes and transitions between tracks with the FX pot.

Week 4

Loops and Hot Cues

Utilise the loops and hot cues functions to expand the creative realms of your DJing.

Week 5

Acapellas and Harmonic Mixing

Powerful tools to ensure mixes sound smooth in a melodic sense as well as a rhythmic sense.

Week 6

Hot Cue Drumming, Scratching & Beat Juggling

Incorporate these advanced techniques to add flair and to your now burgeoning DJ skills.

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