Practise Free.

Pro DJ Studios

The first 100 customers to book will get free practises from 13th September - 11th October. (Offer ends 4th October)

(Only VIP passes remaining)

Our top-end DJ offering. Kitted out with a 3 deck Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS2 setup, Pioneer DJM 900NXS2 mixer, and a 7000W Pioneer sound system complete with 15 inch subwoofer. Available from £10 per hour for a limited time only.

Add a third dimension to your sets, and stay a cut above the rest

Get creative with our first 3 deck setup, and hear your tracks in all their glory on a bassy, 7kW soundsystem.


Record & stream your set to the world

Introducing the Pirate Live streaming system. Turn up to your Pro DJ Studio booking, tap your Facebook details into the monitor, live stream in high quality video and audio to your friends, fans & beyond.

Record and download your high quality video

Once the stream has finished, you’ll also be able to download the recording to upload and share as you wish.

You’ll also have the option to record your set without going live, allowing you a unique opportunity to work on your stage presence as you watch yourself back.

A custom-spec, acoustically-treated creative hub

Say goodbye to irked neighbours and crank the system loud in our meticulously sound-proofed studios.

Audio-reactive lighting adds a touch of the club atmosphere, and temperature control keeps you warm in winter or cool in summer.

From the studio to the stage

Mix & blend at Pirate Studios to be considered for our club nights, live streams and festival stage takeovers.

We source DJs from the Pirate Studios community to support the likes of Toddla T, Plastician, Oneman, Jamz Supernova & more.

The first 100 customers to sign up will get free practices from 13th September - 11th October. (Offer ends 4th October)

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