“Get smashed, play all night and record it. That’s what we do” – Demob Happy

By September 8, 2017Uncategorized

We caught up with Demob Happy, the Brighton-based grunge demigods with a penchant for utterly blitzing their live shows, just after they’d closed out The Pirate Stage for us at Bristol Harbour Fest 2017. Needless to say, we thought they played an absolute howitzer of a set. Demob drummer Tom appeared to share our sentiment. “It was fucking loud, fun, and raucous. People seemed to be responding to us, which is always really cool”. A fitting way to end an incredibly diverse showcase of up and coming music that featured, alongside Demob, the likes of April Towers, Rozelle, Dead Royalties, and a whole host of fantastic support acts.

In spite of being hauled unceremoniously into the green room by us directly after finishing their set, the Demob Happy boys were happy to talk through a number of topics with us. We chatted about impending release plans for their album (due sometime around next February), and the band also offered some interesting thoughts on the concept of rehearsals. “I think when you’re a younger band, it’s important to get it tight – and that’s when rehearsal is key”. Wise words indeed from frontman Matt, with added insight from guitarist Adam, “when you’ve got no boundaries, and you’re kind of unhinged, [you need] somewhere you can just rehearse for 24 hours – like what you guys offer”.

Check out the video below for the full interview with Demob Happy.

Demob Happy will be playing an exclusive, live streamed set for the DIY Mag takeover of Pirate Live on the 13th September at our London rehearsal studios. If you’re interested in coming along, head over to this link and click ‘going’ on the event page.