“Talk to people and make friends. You’d be surprised at how far that can take you” – Honey Lung

By October 31, 2017Uncategorized

“It felt like we were just jamming out by ourselves.. As if we were tracking for a record”. Back in May of this year, Honey Lung came down to our London Earlsfield rehearsal studios and put the pedal to the metal with a Pirate Live session that rocked us to our core. “My mum was watching from her office today. She sent me a text saying she was rocking on”

If you’ve never heard of Honey Lung, they’re the band that recently released their debut single ‘Sophomore’ to critical acclaim from renowned tastemakers such as Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and Radio X’s John Kennedy. Their unmistakeable post-grunge sound is one surely on the rise, and one that you’ll be familiar with before you know it.

The band were kind enough to stick around after their set and sit down for a chat, with the exception of Charlie – who actually had to dash to work on an imminent hand-in for his Master’s degree. As reasons for ducking out go –  Charlie’s was more than valid.

We got to chatting with (most of) the band about a variety of topics – including their impending release schedule, who they’d like to see on Pirate Live, the future of live music, and their thoughts on Pirate Studios’ rehearsal spaces. Check out the clip below to see the full interview!

Interested in following the likes of Honey Lung, Bang Bang Romeo and Carl Barât to perform for Pirate Live? – Head to this link, and begin rehearsing with us.