Recording Studios

Produce professionally mixed and mastered tracks with our in-house expert sound engineer from £37.50p/h

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We cater for all musical styles and projects big and small

Have a listen to some examples of our work in the studios:

For vocal to track recording check out Heather McQuillan.

For full recording sessions listen to Nerves and Rozelle.

For examples of Pirate Live recordings listen to Leif Erikson and K.O.G. and The Zongo Brigade.

Work with our in-house engineer/producer

Max is a multi-instrumentalist who has played with many bands over the years and recorded and mixed hundreds more. He specialises in working with live bands and knows how to get the best sound out of the room.

Full live band tracking in our acoustically treated room

Our converted XL room has been modified and ti-lined into our control room to allow for full band tracking with up to 24 channels. The live room is ideal for acoustic instruments and the selection of mics makes for an excellent drum room.

State of the art recording interface and equipment

Pro Tools 12, Universal Audio Apollo Interface and Audient Preamps. Expansive list of high-end plugins

Click here for our full equipment list.

Pricing Packages

You can choose to pay by the hour, or by the number of tracks you’ll be recording. All of our options include a world-class sound engineer, a selection of backline, all of our mics and gear in the racks (see equipment list).

Bespoke pricing is available upon request.

*Please note: a 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.

1 track session

(8 hours from 10am)

One day recording


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EP Session (3-4 tracks)

7 days total:

Three days recording

Four days mixing


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12 days total:

Seven days recording

Five days mixing

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Enquire for a bespoke quote now! (Starting from £37.50p/h)

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Track mixing available

You can either record your sessions here and take the audio stems away to be mixed elsewhere, or we offer full mixing and (attended) sit-in sessions if required.

Multi-purpose vocal booth

We offer a range of great microphones for recording vocals, achieve great results in or purpose built vocal booth. We also offer various amplifiers for recording guitars or re-amping.

Writing sessions and additional session musicians

Due to our large network of musicians and multi-instrumentalists through our rehearsal studios, we can also get top session musicians in to help with recording, writing and arrangement - Please speak to our engineer Max in advance to arrange.

Enquire for a bespoke quote now! (Starting from £37.50p/h)

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Here is a full list of equipment we have available to use in our recording studio:


  • Universal Audio Apollo 8P Interface x2
  • Universal Audio Satellite Qaud
  • Audient ASP880 8 Channel A/D Preamp
  • Pro Tools 12
  • 2015 iMac 4Ghz 32GB ram 2TB SSD


  • Adam A7x Monitors with Adam A7 Sub


  • ART Pro MPAII 2 Channel Preamp
  • Drawmer MX30 2 Channel Compressor
  • Behringer HA8000 Headphone Amp
  • Lexicon MX200 Reverb
  • Mackie Big Knob
  • Midi Controller Keyboard


  • UAD
  • Steven Slate Digital
  • Fabfilter
  • Sonarworks Reference 3
  • Plus loads more....


  • Roland TD11 Electronic Drum Kit
  • 1973 Gibson ES345 Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar
  • Roland TD11 Electronic Drum Kit
  • 1973 Gibson ES345 Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar
  • 1971 Guild Acoustic Guitar
  • Custom Telecaster Electric Guitar
  • 1977 Fender Bronco Electric Guitar
  • Custom Jaguar Electric Guitar
  • Weston Thunder II Electric Guitar
  • Fender P/J Bass Guitar
  • Colombian 16 String Mandollin
  • Various Percussion
  • Nord Lead II Rack
  • Beyerdynamic DT770's
  • Sennheiser HD600
  • Fender Custom 68' Vibrolux Amp
  • Fender Supersonic Amp
  • 4x 12 Cabinet
  • Natal 5 Piece Drum Kit
  • Laney Amplifier
  • Vox Combo Amplifier
  • Ashdown Bass Combo

Guitar/Bass Pedals

  • Moog MF102 Ring Modulator
  • Electro Harmonix POG
  • Boss SL-20 Slicer
  • 1970’s Roland Ce-1 Chorus
  • Behringer VP-1 Phaser
  • Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeller
  • Boss DD-3 Delay
  • Boss PH-3 Phaser Shifter
  • Vesta Fire MDX Delay
  • Boss SYB-3 Bass Synth
  • Digitech Whammy IV
  • Ibanez WH-10
  • Mooer Compressor
  • Mooer Tuner
  • Ibanez TS9 (modified) Tube Screamer
  • Dunlop Wah Wah
  • Strymon Time-Line
  • Durham Sex Drive Overdrive
  • MXR Phase-100
  • Nemphesis White Scream Distortion
  • TC Electronics Corona Chorus


  • AKG D112
  • X2 Shure SM57
  • x2 Shure SM58
  • x2 Sennheiser MD421
  • X2 Warm Audio WA47 Jr
  • Neumann 147
  • AKG 214
  • x3 Sennheiser E945
  • Sennheiser E609
  • x2 Sennheiser E906
  • Various CAD Drum mics

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