Pirate.live Beta


Shape the future of live streaming.

Welcome to the beta test of Pirate.Live - See below for your chance to be one of the first to try streaming live to Facebook with our new technology.

If you want to take part in this test, please know that there might be technical issues and we ask that you be patient. These tests will help us build the bullet proof system we are striving for, so please let us know as and when you encounter them and we will do our best to fix them:

See our instructional video below to get started.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Our solution will only currently work with laptops. Phone and tablet compatibility is still under development. By taking part in this test you agree to our house rules.

If you'd prefer to read step by step instructions, please click here

Get your stream up and running:

  1. Book a session as you normally would in a room enabled with Pirate.Live (Earlsfield Rooms 14 and 21 or Cardiff Room 11)
  2. Let us know you’re interested in testing out the live streaming system with your booking via our live chat (the orange icon in the bottom right hand corner of our website)
  3. Head to your booking, and again - remember to bring your laptop with you
  4. Once in the studios, head to http://go.pirate.live
  5. Log into your Pirate Studios account and click “Choose where you want to stream”
  6. Log into Facebook via the pop-up window
  7. Select the streaming destination (e.g. your profile, a page you manage) and click “Preview stream & go live”
  8. Once you’re happy with how the preview looks, click “Go live”
  9. Open Facebook in a new tab on your browser and locate the stream at the destination you chose (this can take a minute or so; be patient)! You should now be able to monitor the stream!
  10. Ending the Stream

  11. Click “...” in the top right, then click “Edit video” from the dropdown menu
  12. Wait for another screen with the stream to appear. Once it does, click “End live video”
  13. Your stream is now offline. Please remember to leave feedback on your experience via the survey at the bottom of this page!

Give feedback

Finally, if you've used the room we'd really really appreciate your feedback, we're striving to make this the best experience possible it will only take 2 minutes!


If you are experiencing issues please get in touch with our customer support team: