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From absolute beginner to release-ready, learn to produce with our expert tutors whenever best suits you - all ages welcome.


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How it works

  1. Find the course most suited to your needs below
  2. Select your course at checkout and securely pay
  3. Provide your details (location, preferred genre etc) by replying to the 'Thank You' email
  4. That’s it! The Academy team will be in touch ASAP to confirm your booking

Frequently Asked Questions

At which Pirate Studios locations are the Academy Services available?

  • The Production Academy operates at select locations around the country, when you go to book on you will be able to find the closest locations where we are running the courses to where you are based. We have tutors ready to go in the following locations; Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, London, Edinburgh, Plymouth, Birmingham, Cardiff.

On which date(s) and at what time(s) does the academy operate?

  • We work around you! After a package is selected via our website and the checkout process is complete, you are automatically prompted to forward your preferred date, time and location by emailing us direct or calling the team on 0121 679 5681. We can usually honour your first or second choice of date, depending on the location chosen. Should you wish to obtain availability prior to booking, please contact us and let us know your preferred location and we can check our system before confirming.

How are the courses and lessons taught?

  • All packages other than the group package are taught one-on-one. The group lessons on our website are for existing friends that want to learn together in a group environment. When booking a group lesson select the number of people in your group (maximum 3) under the ‘custom group Logic Pro-X/Ableton tuition’ heading, then complete the checkout process as normal.

What do I need to bring to my session?

  • You are advised to bring a laptop with the DAW that you want to work in - the courses will be taught on either Ableton or Logic Pro X. If you do not have a laptop that you can bring with you, don’t fear as you can work with our tutors on their laptop during the session.

What happens after I pay for my session online?

  • You will be prompted to send through some details that our academy team need to process your booking, once we’ve received these details, a tutor will be contacted and the date booked in, once the date/time has been confirmed with your tutor, you will receive a confirmation email with your tutor’s details and the building and studio codes for your session. Keep your eyes peeled for the confirmation email!

Which genre(s) will I be producing during my session?

  • Anything goes! All you need to do is provide your preferred genre(s) with when replying to the ‘Thank You for Booking’ email so we have an idea of the sort of music you’d wish to produce ahead of the session.

Do I need to have had any production experience to make the most of my session?

  • Not at all. Our beginner sessions are designed for those with zero experience, whilst our intermediate and advanced sessions are for those looking to make music to a releasable standard. Check out the descriptions above to find out which would be most suitable for your skill level.

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch via our dedicated Academy line on 0121 679 5681.

Production Courses

1-on-1 tuition on Logic Pro X/Ableton at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level, a Weekend Crash course over two days and tailored single hour options. Available at all Selected UK studios only (UK-wide coming soon!)

Crash Course

(11 hours in total)

Intensive crash course taking you through a selection of skills from the Academy production program from Beginner to Advanced.

Perfect for learners with some existing experience that want quick, extensive progress.

  • Comprehensive coverage of a tailored selection of skills chosen from the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses
  • Free refreshments and snacks
  • 7 hours of lesson time (split over 2 days)
  • 4 hours studio time for solo practise

Price: £369

Intro to music production

(2 hours)

Interested in creating music? Get to grips with typical methods and workflows in our beginner-friendly taster course.

By the end of this course you will learn:

  • Music production fundamentals
  • How to use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and audio sequencing
  • How to build a basic drum beat using audio samples
  • How to use loops

Price: £99

Beginner lessons

(6 hours in total)

Curious about Logic Pro X but unsure where to begin? Our Beginner course is the perfect introduction.

By the end of your 3-hour lesson + 3-hours studio time you will learn:

  • MIDI, music theory and the basics of drum sequencing
  • How to use audio samples
  • How to build an arrangement and project
  • How to combine all learnings and create a balanced mix

Price: £180

Intermediate lessons

(10 hours in total)

Know the basics of production but want to be more confident with your technique? Our Intermediate course is just the ticket.

By the end of 2 x 3 hour lessons + 4-hours studio time you will learn:

  • Melodies, MIDI editing and basic synthesis
  • Channel strip automation and how to bus group multiple channels
  • Basic FX processing and creating layered sound patches
  • How to combine advanced EQing and compression in the mix

Price: £349

Advanced lessons

(10 hours in total)

Want to hone your craft as a producer using Logic Pro X? Get release-ready with our Advanced course.

By the end of 2 x 3-hour lessons + 4-hours studio time you will learn:

  • Advanced mix down techniques such as parallel compression, mid and side EQing
  • How to use a reference track to finish your track off
  • Basic pre-mastering and master track creation
  • Industry top tips: how to go about contacting labels, getting your music released etc.

Price: £349

Production Masterclasses

Custom lesson on any aspect of production of your choosing. Ideal as a focused, trouble-shooting ‘refresher’ session either on your own or as a group. Available in all UK and US locations.

Custom solo production tuition

(6 hours in total)

  • Perfect for identifying and addressing any issues with your own production ability
  • Pressure-free environment: no problem is too big or too small
  • Includes 1 x 3-hour lesson + 3-hours solo studio time

Price: £180

Custom group production tuition

(6 hours in total)

  • Affordable pricing available for more than 1 person
  • Perfect for friends of similar skill level
  • Includes 1 x 3-hour lesson + 3-hours group studio time

Price: £120pp

Corporate Classes

Learn the basics of production in an inclusive, beginner-friendly environment. Perfect for colleagues wanting an exciting and original team-building experience. Hit the button below to make an enquiry for your workplace at your nearest Pirate Studios site today.


Professional tutoring using state-of-the-art equipment

The Pirate Studios Academy tutors share over 30 years of experience between them, having founded Birmingham Techno, Seedy Sonics and toured the UK as production outfit as Teknøtis. Experience solo or group tuition in studios which are kitted out with industry-standard equipment from KRK, SE Electronics and Novation.

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