Pirate Studios Refer a Friend - Terms & Conditions.

Know any friends who might want to book a studio session at one of our Pirate Studios locations?

If you refer a friend who is not already a member, we’ll give each of you a £10 credit voucher.


  1. Tell your friend about the referral scheme and give them your unique referral code, which they can use when signing up.
  2. If they enter your code during their account sign up, we’ll give them a £10 credit voucher to use on their first booking.
  3. Once your friend confirms their ID and completes their registration the £10 voucher will be credited to their account. When they make their first booking, we’ll also credit your account with £10.


  • Credit expires after three months, is non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for any cash value.
  • Pirate Studios members can only refer people outside of their direct family. Any direct family members who are referred may not be awarded credit.
  • A referral code can only be used during sign up, it cannot be used for existing accounts.
  • If our platform does not recognise a referral for any reason credit may not be awarded.
  • Referral codes may not be posted on public forums or voucher code websites.
  • We may vary or withdraw our referral scheme in our absolute discretion. We may also retract, or refuse to issue, credits where we reasonably believe: (i) you have failed to act in good faith, or in accordance with these terms; and/or (ii) it is necessary to do so in order to comply with our legal obligations.
  • The terms of this referral scheme are incorporated into, form part of, and should be read alongside our Membership Terms. By sharing a referral code or registering an account after receiving a referral code, you agree to these terms and our Membership Terms.