The VOX AC30Vr amp competition winner

By November 4, 2016Uncategorized

The Winner

Last month we grabbed your attention with another online competition but this time with a bigger prize to be won – a Vox AC30Vr amplifier.

Our Facebook-based competition asked our audience that is made up of bands, musicians and songwriters to comment with a link to their best song. The response was incredible and the composition standard was high. After working our way through pages of comments and replies, eventually, a shortlist was formed which led to a final decision.

The winner of the competition is London based Count Counsellor. He’s a regular at our London rehearsal studios and a talented young producer dedicated to writing disco fused pop music. After receiving critical acclaim from his debut EP released on Quality Time Recordings last year, he has been popular on the London gigging circuit selling out venues such as the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in Shoreditch.

The track ‘Disco dodo’ demonstrates skilful arrangements of crisp percussive layers which blend with lively electro ear snacks. With a fat and groovy bass line driving the song forward during the verse, you remain hooked and refreshed by the display of sophisticated synths and dreamy sonics that feature throughout.

By the end of the song, you can’t help but sing back the chorus line and whack it into your weekend playlist. We love this track and all of its bright synths and grooves. We are excited to see how Count Counsellor grows this year and will certainly be following his journey.

Count Counsellor – Disco Dodo

Runners Up

Although it all boiled down to one track, we can’t ignore there were so many great entries for this competition. Here are 10 tracks that made our shortlist :

1. Sam BrockingtonPiece of mind

2. Amani AMIFeathers Falling

3. Tom ForbesTurpentine –

4. Regime Queenie

5. PhonesYou Don’t Know Me

6. Hot DreamsPlunge pool

7. FedericaHuman –

8. Daniels Gold Seal – June –

9. Sam Jackson Emily –

10. English WeatherResham Firiri –


Picture – Sam Brockington