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Rehearsal Studios

Rehearse 24/7 · Free Drums, Amps, PAs & Mics · Free Parking

Fully kitted out to pro standards

Our rehearsal studios are equipped with only the finest grade Drums, Amps, Mics and PAs as standard. Try your hand at some of the best equipment available to musicians today.

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Acoustically treated to custom specifications

Hand-built acoustic treatment is featured in all of our rooms. Dreamt up, designed and built at our dedicated Bristol workshop, our custom sound treatment allows for the clearest sound quality during your rehearsal.

“Soundproofed with great acoustics."

Graeme EBT

Record your session

Introducing the UK’s first OpenLIVE enabled rehearsal studios. Get your session recorded, mixed and mastered automatically through OpenLIVE’s intuitive, automatic platform.

No more recording demos on your phone. No more paying over the odds for studio recording time. Share high quality recordings of your tracks with promoters, bookers and labels using OpenLIVE’s intuitive technology.

Eventually all of our studios will have OpenLIVE, but for now look out for the OpenLIVE symbol when booking.

Book one of our stunning new studios from £7p/h

24 hour access, 365 days a year

We understand that musicians are creative at all hours. Book a session via our intuitive online system, receive a unique access code, and rehearse away.

Temperature control keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Make use of our 24/7 availability in full comfort, every day of the year.

From the studio to the screen with Pirate Live

Users of Pirate Studios are given the opportunity to perform to millions across the globe with our revolutionary live streaming initiative Pirate Live. Previously featured artists include Carl Barat (The Libertines), Dave McCabe (The Zutons) and many more.

Take to the stage at festivals nationwide

The Pirate Stage voyaged far and wide last summer, dropping anchor at Sound City, Isle of Wight Fest, and Bristol Harbour Fest. Pirate Studios customers are afforded the opportunity to perform festival slots across the country.

Book one of our stunning new studios from £7p/h

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